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Quintet in D Major - 1931

Piano, viola, violins (2), violoncello.

Adagio - Allegro non troppo (Duration: 8'58)
Allegro - (Duration: 13'42)
Scherzo (Walzer) (Duration: 4'35)
Allegro Maestoso (Duration: 11'35)

Performance 1932, Feb 20
Concert of Karlsruhe composers in Karlsruhe. See below for Original Programme - (1)
Fuchs played piano and shared program with Gustav Luttgers, a composer now quite forgotten.

Review - Resinenze Anzeiger 23 Feb 1932
Translation from German: Mr Richard Fuchs was a new man for us being an architect and a musician besides. But not an amateur in a bad sense. One could be pleasantly surprised by the high degree of musical essence shown in both of the works to be heard. That was indeed music of genuine feeling.

Performance 2007 June 19
Performed at the Hochschule fur Musik, Karlsruhe June 2007 concert
Recording: Karlsruhe concert 2007 recording.

1. Original Programme for 1932 Concert of Karlsruhe composers in Karlsruhe:

Original Concert Program for Quintet in D major 1932